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How can we avoid Slow TestsShared Fixture(XXX); Fake Object(XXX); Test Double(XXX)
How can we make code testableHumble Object(XXX); Test-Specific Subclass(XXX)
How can we verify logic independentlyStored Procedure Test(XXX); Back Door Manipulation(XXX); Layer Test(XXX); Fake Object(XXX); Mock Object(XXX); Test Double(XXX); Test Spy(XXX); Test Stub(XXX)
How do we avoid Conditional Test LogicCustom Assertion(XXX); Guard Assertion(XXX)
How do we cause the Shared Fixture to be built before the first test method that needs itChained Tests(XXX); Lazy Setup(XXX); Prebuilt Fixture(XXX); Setup Decorator(XXX); SuiteFixture Setup(XXX)
How do we construct the Fresh FixtureCreation Method(XXX); Delegated Setup(XXX); Implicit Setup(XXX); Inline Setup(XXX)
How do we design the SUT so that we can replace its dependencies at run timeDependency Injection(XXX); Dependency Lookup(XXX); Test Hook(XXX)
How do we develop and test software that depends on a databaseDatabase Sandbox(XXX)
How do we implement Behavior VerificationMock Object(XXX); Test Spy(XXX)
How do we make it easy to write and run testsTest Automation Framework(XXX)
How do we make tests self-checkingBehavior Verification(XXX); Custom Assertion(XXX); Delta Assertion(XXX); State Verification(XXX); Assertion Method(XXX)
How do we organize our Test Methods onto Testcase ClassesTestcase Class per Class(XXX); Testcase Class per Feature(XXX); Testcase Class per Fixture(XXX)
How do we prepare automated tests for our softwareData-Driven Test(XXX); Recorded Test(XXX); Scripted Test(XXX)
How do we reduce Test Code DuplicationCustom Assertion(XXX); Parameterized Test(XXX); Data-Driven Test(XXX); Test Utility Method(XXX)
How do we run the testsNamed Test Suite(XXX); Test Runner(XXX); Test Suite Object(XXX); Testcase Object(XXX)
How do we specify the values to be used in testsDerived Value(XXX); Dummy Object(XXX); Generated Value(XXX); Literal Value(XXX)
How do we structure our test logicUnfinished Test Assertion(XXX); Assertion Message(XXX); Four-Phase Test(XXX)
How do we tear down the Test FixtureTable Truncation Teardown(XXX); Transaction Rollback Teardown(XXX); Automated Teardown(XXX); Garbage-Collected Teardown(XXX); Implicit Teardown(XXX); Inline Teardown(XXX)
How do we tell a Test Double what to return or expectConfigurable Test Double(XXX); Hard-Coded Test Double(XXX)
How does the Test Runner know what tests to runTest Discovery(XXX); Test Enumeration(XXX); Test Selection(XXX)
What fixture strategy should we useFresh Fixture(XXX); Minimal Fixture(XXX); Shared Fixture(XXX); Standard Fixture(XXX)
Where do we put our test codeTest Helper(XXX); Testcase Superclass(XXX); Test Method(XXX); Testcase Class(XXX)