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Test Organization

Recent Changes

Utility Method Location: Category: Test Organization 6 November 2006

Test Code Reuse: Category: Test Organization 6 October 2006

Testcase Class Structure: Category: Test Organization 18 December 2005

Test Helper Category: Test Organization 4 March 2004
We define a helper class to hold any Test Utility Methods we want to reuse in several tests.
Testcase Superclass Category: Test Organization 4 March 2004
We inherit reusable test-specific logic from an abstract .
Testcase Class per Fixture Category: Test Organization 4 March 2004
We organize Test Methods into Testcase Classes based on commonality of the test fixture.
Test Utility Method Category: Test Organization 4 March 2004
We encapsulate the test logic we want to reuse behind a suitably named utility method.
Testcase Class per Feature Category: Test Organization 4 March 2004
We group the Test Methods onto Testcase Classes based on which testable feature of the SUT they exercise.
Testcase Class per Class Category: Test Organization 4 March 2004
We put all the Test Methods for one SUT class onto a single Testcase Class.
Parameterized Test Category: Test Organization 26 January 2004
We pass the information needed to do fixture setup and result verification to a utility method that implements the entire test lifecycle.
Named Test Suite Category: Test Organization 12 January 2004
Define a test suite, suitably named, that contains a set of tests that we wish to be able to run as a group.

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Named Test Suite
Test Code Reuse:
--Test Utility Method
--Parameterized Test
Testcase Class Structure:
--Testcase Class per Feature
--Testcase Class per Fixture
--Testcase Class per Class
Utility Method Location:
--Test Helper
--Testcase Superclass