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Hard-to-Test Code Category: Test Smells 11 June 2007
Code is difficult to test.
Production Bugs Category: Test Smells 18 February 2007
We find too many bugs during formal test or in production.
Fragile Test Category: Test Smells 18 February 2007
A test fails to compile or run when the SUT is changed in ways that do not affect the part the test is exercising.
Test Code Duplication Category: Test Smells 18 February 2007
The same test code is repeated many times.
Test Logic in Production Category: Test Smells 18 February 2007
The code that is put into production contains logic that should be exercised only during tests.
Erratic Test Category: Test Smells 4 February 2007
One or more tests are behaving erratically; sometimes they pass and sometimes they fail.
Obscure Test Category: Test Smells 20 December 2006
It is difficult to understand the test at a glance.
Assertion Roulette Category: Test Smells 31 October 2006
It is hard to tell which of several assertions within the same test method caused a test failure.
Conditional Test Logic Category: Test Smells 31 October 2006
A test contains code that may or may not be executed
Slow Tests Category: Test Smells 11 October 2006
The tests take too long to run.
Developers Not Writing Tests Category: Test Smells 9 October 2006
Developers aren't writing automated tests.

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