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I have a very popular training program that I call "Testing for Developers with xUnit". I have several clients who bring me in to teach each batch of new hires. Here's what one repeat customer has to say about it:

I have attended and employed Gerard's testing course many times over my career. It is by far one of the best introductions into writing testable code I have encountered. Moreover, all of my colleagues who have attended it agree. -- Joseph King

It is a 2 or 3 day program that teaches developers how to write robust, maintainable unit tests that increase code quality and reduce the amount of debugging. Well written tests also act as documentation about what the code was intended to do. The hands-on exercises can be done in Java (JUnit 3 or 4), C# (NUnit 2.1) or C++ (CppUnit). See the course outline for more details.

Open Enrollment Training

I have the following open-enrollment training sessions scheduled:

Feel free to suggest dates and locations near you.

On-site Training

I can deliver the training to your team at the location of your choice. All we require is a room, a projector and one laptop per pair of participants. While it is preferrable to have all participants using the same language (e.g. Java) and environment, I often run mixed courses.

The training can be customized to fit your specific needs. This includes additional topics or follow-up workshop days. We can design a program to train everyone in your organization. Please contact me to discuss possible arrangements and pricing.

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