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Book Outline

This page describes the organization of the upcoming book of which this website is acting as a preview. It can be used to read the web site in "book order". For a more visual representation of the goals, principles, smells and patterns, please refer to Book Outline Diagrams.

Table of Contents

Introductory Material

The Narratives

The narrative chapters introduce the concepts that are covered in more detail in the reference section. The concepts are introduced in context along with the obvious alternatives.

Reference Material

The chapters within this section are intended to be used a reference material. Each smell, principle, pattern and refactoring is described in more detail complete with code samples (if applicable.) The following links take us to the "home page" for the category of patterns; scroll down to expose the list of patterns in the lower left sidebar and select the appropriate pattern from there. (The main panel lists the top 10 patterns in order of most recent change/checkin.)


Other Possible Material

Things I've Chosen to Exclude

I've chosen to exclude the following material from the book because of time or space constraints:

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